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I got a rockstar energy drink in one of those resealable cans and cant get the smell out ? Answered

i have the can so i can get coffee into school but i cant get that fruity smell out of it so when you are trying to drink coffee the smell makes you think that the coffee taste fruity how do i get it out???


Never. You'll never, ever, get the smell out...or the sound of the screams...at night, in the dark, alone in that bed, the smell and the screams will return...

Ok now your just mad about that form topic lol.So you just want to mess with me.Am i right??

Hah! Honestly, I didn't even notice your username. The topic title itself was just perfect. It wasn't personal, and wasn't related to our previous discussion. Just a great opportunity.

...In fact, it was only when I noticed the I'ble you just posted that I came back here to see if you had written the question, and found this comment.

Wow so you seen the instructable i just made It needs some work because my camera doesent want to upload pics.But that comment was funny

Akin to 'orange pop/soda' -- citrus oils NEVER come out. You'll have to strip the laquer lining of the can, then replace it (or your new drink will eat away the metal).

The smell (the aromatic oils) has adhered to the coating inside of the can.

Try using a dilute solution of vinegar, salt, and dish-washing soap. Fill can about 3/4 full. Shake it around, then allow to site for a day or two. Shake it again, then empty and rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Your mileage may vary, but that's the recipe I use to remove smells from containers I intend to reuse (a good example is the new coffee "tins" that have become popular with coffee producers, since they're plastic now. I've been doing this since I heard somewhere years ago about the power of salt to remove smells from hands when prepping onions or garlic. Added the vinegar because of something else I discovered a long time ago about white vinegar being a useful all-around household cleaner