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I gots a computer question Answered

Hey guys, I got a bit of a question to ask. I'm back at school and the school gave me a laptop to use (I'm in highschool) but it's one that doesn't have "their" school modified disk image on it with their crap like deepfreeze (resets the entire system each reboot) and of course, pretty much everything is cut out of the start menu and it's just generally shit (hence why I had removed the image and installed my own XP on it). Long story short, the tech teacher I was talking with said that (well actually he kept switching his story around) he had the wifi key written down somewhere but couldn't remember where he put it (suuurree). Then he told me a schoolboard admin was coming thursday (this past thurs) and the guy would set it up on my laptop for me. He did come but he never did anything for me, him and the teacher spent all day playing with some new photocopier they got. So yesturday I went on one of THEIR laptops (ironically it was said teacher's laptop he used in the school cept he wasn't there so I was able to use it). I went looking through the computer for where the wifi utility that both I and the school use for managing connection profiles and their keys instead of letting xp handle the wifi. Standard ibm software I got of their site. It appears that the keys are stored in the regristry and not in files, they're listed in folders for each profile. So what I did was save the directory of profiles (there was only one for the wifi). Now it looked like they were hex keys, and I'm pretty sure it is HEX but it's longer than what will fit in the settings for wifi in the ibm program. So I was wondering if the numbers are hashed or something so you have to crack the codes to access the actual hex key? If anyone knows how I can get the key out of the number I can send you the .reg file that I saved. I'm not trying to hack into the school, they know that I need access to it so I can print my work out but the tech teacher seems to be a dumbass (not to mention he looks like captain picard/mr.clean, a combo of both maybe?!!??!).


find out if your running atheros wireless or broadcom........ if your lucky enough to have atheros DL air crack and it'll retrieve a WEP key pretty quick for you

it's a intel minipci model in a thinkpad r51. Ironically that's actually the tool I downloaded was aircrack. I can't use the airdump part of it because I have to download a tool called omnipeer to grab two files needed to snoop packets called peer.dll and peer.sys or something like that. Only thing is that you can't even download the demo version of omnipeer off their site anymore it's strict email interview and you have to be a legit system administrator to get it. I can't find it anywhere online. Aside from that there was a tool built in with aircrack that could retrieve the wep key being used for your current machine it's being ran on, no matter what program it is that manages your wifi card, I tried to put it on one of their laptops but to no prevail, wouldn't run on the computer because it obviously doesn't have admin privileges (one of the school laptops). Perhaps I could try running the program in compatibility mode but I doubt that would get passed the admin thing very well. You know anywhere I can get omnipeer?

air crack NG comes with everything you need..... if you can't run your probably on broadcom.... it dosen't work on broadcom wireless

it's an intel minipci chipset and It is supposed to work as I read in an article that explained how to do it and they guy tested it on this particular one and it works apparently. According to documentation though I need to get copies of these files as the guys that provide us aircrack don't put the real ones in anymore I think because obviously they are trying to save their ass's. When I was trying to run it, it would give me a error about incorrect library file "peer.dll" so we'll find out soon.

Woops I just found it on a torrent site, and I was mistaken too, it's called omnipeek not omnipeer, my bad. So in theory it will actually work like snap? My tech teacher would shit himself if I handed him his own wep key, he seems like the guy that always tries to be right and that would probably hurt his dare I say "e-P****". Anywho I'm gonna try it first thing monday, maybe even right now if there's any locked networks around my house. Thanks dude.