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I had no idea they covered kissing on that site! Answered

Carlos Alcala, the author of FYIs for the DIYers sent me this awesome email he received in response to his article about Instructables:

Carlos --

Great article on Instructables.com! My 18 yo son discovered this site a few years ago and has made good use his find. He has made some amazing masks and costumes (he is an actor) and finds all sorts of things on that website.

Funny story: His 16 yo sister recently came to him with a problem -- she now has her first serious boyfriend, but is nervous because, in her words, "I don't know how to kiss!" Since he has had a few girlfriends, she asked if he would he explain it to her. BUT... she didn't want to hear too much because the topic embarrassed her so much. What did he do? -- Directed his sister to Instructables.com, of course!

I just laughed and laughed when she told me this -- I had no idea they covered kissing on that site!


In case you need it: How to Kiss.


I didn't realize how popular that Instructable had become...it's #1 in views, with 1,230,898 total. That makes it the first Ible ever to break 1 million views, beforeThrowies, which only has 874,390.

What's sad is that no one took Noah up on that date for the Valentine's Day contest. You might have better luck getting hit by lightning or winning the lottery.

Maybe the rather narcissist image of him kissing his own reflection kind of put folks off...

How dare you insinuate such ridiculous accusations, madam! I bite my thumb at you! Not so much surprised, I just hadn't read it since it was originally published, and didn't know how popular it had become.

Do you quarrel, Sir?

Haha, a million views is really impressive...


8 years ago

I discovered that Instructable had hit a million views a while back, possibly when talking on the IRC channel, or possibly discussing Google results with lemonie. Instructables is a surprisingly "powerful" site because of its enormous ability to gain high Google rankings- a discussion of moderately niche topics on Instructables can easily become the #1 hit on a relevant Google search.

Now all we need to do is turn it into a verb! "Google" means to look up online, "ebay" means to sell online, "Twitter" means to indiscriminately splurge thoughts where no-one cares write a micro-blog post. "To Instructable" should mean to write up how you do something-

Hey, how do I find out how to make a bike trailer?
It's been Instructabled, Google it


Might take awhile since the site hasn't gone viral as of yet (that's both good and bad, depending on your point of view. Personally, I think it's good...). If/when that occurs, verbing it would prolly happen really quickly.

The site knew it would be popular, the site knows it is, I'm surprised that you are? It's no more out of place there than here (is it?) L

The site knows all...

(Cue rhythmic Instructables cult chanting.)