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I hate mowing, but I have to anyway, is there any way of me to make it easy, such as robotics? Answered

I, every week is forced to mow my massive yard, how can I make it easier?



6 years ago

I hate breathing but I keep forcing myself to keep doing it. How boring it is, in, out, in, out , over and over again.

Sheep love eating, bite, chew , bite chew, over and over again until the grass is all gone. They don't get bored doing it. Every once in a while they take a break from chewing and do a little pooping.

Maybe you should think more like a sheep and less like a person. Aren't you happy that you don't have to graze your yard down. Just think of how many boring hours you save yourself because you can mow it instead of chewing it. And it saves you from all that pooping too.

Sheep are terrible at mowing lawns. The eat the grass down to the dirt and kill it and often pull it up by the roots. Goats are not much better either they are too fussy. Don't believe the cartoons. They won't eat just anything.

Get a ride on mower - second hand if necessary you still have to mow but it's lots of fun.

Listen you music or the Radio whilst you cut

Learn a foreign language whilst you cut

Pretend your a Greek slave and the mowing is your job BUT it's a better job than you friends who has to clean out the toilet pit it will make your job look good.

There are water on products that make the grass grow slower.

If your paid then invest some of that pay in getting someone younger to do the job for you - experience - whilst you supervise.

Get over it - It can't take that long if you do it every week. I have a BIG lawn and cut it every 2 weeks but it only takes me a couple of hours.

Riding lawn mower won't work because my lawn is to bumpy and my mom doesn't like them.

if a self propelled mower, tie it to a stake and have it go around in a spiral until the job is done.

Pay someone else to mow it for you.

Buy a robotic mower if you can find one that is able to do the size yard you have.

If your using a push mower then get a rider.