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I hate taking pills. I was wondering if i put it in a piece of food and ate it would it work? Answered

If I put a pill in something like bread or cheese and then ate it would the pill work. Would I get all of the medicine that I need from it? Please reply as soon as possible!!! I need a pill to get rid of an annoying rash!! Thanks!!!!!


The exact question is answered by orksecurity so I'm not going to try.

Buuuuuuut, for me I half fill my mouth with soft drink, open my mouth wide and put the pill at the absolute back of my tongue. Swallowing is much easier.

This is the exact method I personally use. Also keep in mind "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down", quite literally.

That's pretty clever. I can see my daughter using that with her kids.

 Yeah, dairy products and sugar are used to settle the heat of chilli.

If it's a pill that should not be chewed, don't try it, as you could easily chew it and release it all at once and get an overdose.  Also some pills aren't designed to be taken with food but rather on an empty stomach, and some pills should not be taken with certain kinds of food, as they could combine or react with the food and create something deadly.  Other than that, go for it.

Check the info that came with the pill; if it says it shouldn't be taken with food, don't; some pills do need to be absorbed early in the digestive system and you don't want to interfere with that. Otherwise -- well, that's a standard technique for getting pills into pets. As others have said, make sure it's small enough that you can swallow without chewing.  Depending on the pill, you may have trouble wrapping the food around the pill without getting some of the pill's flavor onto the food.

Or practice with M&M's until you learn the technique of taking a will with just water.

But the real answer is: Don't come to the net for medical advice. Ask your doctor and/or pharmacist about whether this is appropriate for this specific medicine. Expert advice is part of what you paid them for.

(My doctor doesn't do locksmithing; I don't dispense medical advice. Everyone is safer that way.)

Swallowing food without chewing can cause choking or at least food getting stuck in you esophogas.  Not a pleasant thing.

I have a hard time taking pills.  If they are coated and small that's ok but if they are large or uncoated like an aspirin I have trouble.

Water didn't work for me but I found that cola or Dr. Pepper that was not too cold worked better for me.  I take a big drink of that and swallow the whole bit.  Water seems thicker than a soft drink and maybe the acid desensitizes the nerves at the back of my throat lessening my gag reflex.

Good luck.

Yes. I've always had a hard time swallowing pills, since they always seem to stick to my throat (even with water ty)

Aside from aspirin, which I generally chew, pills get embedded in a mouthful of food unless the doc says that no food is to be taken with pills...even then I'll swallow a bit of bread with the pill(s)...


8 years ago

My daughter used to have difficulties swallowing pills, so we covered it with a small dollop of peanut butter and she swallowed it without chewing. 
Assuming that it isn't a food that shouldn't be eaten in combination with your medication, I can think of no reason you can't do it.  With proviso that if you accidentally crush the pill with your teeth, the taste could be very unpleasant and some time release medications are specifically intended to be swallowed whole.