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I have 15 pairs of jeans that I cannot button at my waist! How could I resize them so that they do fit? Answered

My jeans fit in the legs and I can even zip them up! However, the extra poundage I have gained since giving birth is haunting me now. LOL These jeans are expensive designer brands so giving them away or throwing them away is NOT any option! I am looking for some ideas as to how I can alter them to fit me at the waist area..I appreciate any and all the help you can give me!


Hello there - I actually have the answer to your delima...even signed up for this thing just to answer you (went searching for my OWN answer to a denim problem - which I didnt find, so I figure one of us should be happy :) Ok., first, dont dry your jeans in a dryer. Take out of the washer and depending on how much extra "room" you need - like up to 1 1/2 in more, then while wet unbutton and hold onto one edge of the waistband and systematically pull hard as you go around the waist. Wet denim (not dry, wet) will "stretch" quite a bit! Then button and zip jeans, and pull hard in a stretching motion - I put my heel(yes the foot) on the waistband on the floor and pull hard up with my hands a few times, then let dry! They will be wider in the waist until you wash again! NOW if you need more room then that gets you - they make a product actually called "waistband stretcher" its 12.99 online just put those words in a search - it comes up. Works just like you stretch a shoe, only meant for the waistband of jeans! They claim you get up to 5 inches. I havent tried one - but I have done the equivilent, so I can believe it. They also have a video on the website showing how it works (it just cranks out and holds the wet waistband stretching out continually as it air drys). Good Luck - it should work for you just fine! (doesnt work as good on lt weight cotton dress pants, or dockers type, but denim jeans works great!)

when I was in the first few months of pregnancy and could get my jeans on and zip them but not button them all I did was take a hair tie (pony tail holder, whatever you want to call it....the coated rubber band type not a scrunchi) and just loop it through and I would wear shirts that covered that tiny gap and it was pretty comfortable actually and you don't have to go buy aything

you could try elastic waistband expanders that clip on the button and the hole to gap the bridge