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I have 2 cats, how can I determine which cat is causing the problem? Answered

I have recently found solid waste in another room, nowhere near the litter box. They are able to get the litter box at all times and it is cleaned out every 1 to 2 days.




9 years ago

Film them on a video camera. Put it next to the litter box.


9 years ago

As jrehnke said, this is sometimes an indication that a cat has a problem defecating or other health issue. If the stool being left by the cats looks very firm, or is in inconsistently shaped, that may be a sign of constipation, which is not uncommon with cats. This could be due to diet or a lack of water consumption. Try a different cat food and make sure you give the cats fresh water daily (dump out all the water and put in new, don't add to what is already there). If the stool is still appearing/feeling firm (use a rubber glove to handle it), you can try administering a small dose of a laxative/lubricant like Laxatone on a regular basis. (You may want to check with your vet on recommended dosage.) That helps the cat's digestive tract to move things through more smoothly. Obviously some cats do not take well to oral administration of meds and this may be impossible for some to achieve. Be aware that cleaning out a litterbox every 2 days is not sufficient. It must be at least once a day. Cats are very picky about the cleanliness of the space that they make dirty with their waste. Also, the litter in the box should be thrown out _completely_ every month (you can stretch it to 2 months sometimes, depending on situation) and all fresh litter put in place. You should also be aware that veterinarians recommend a litter box for each cat in a household. They will likely both use both boxes, but this prevents one box from being oversaturated. The boxes should ideally be in different locations. We have 3 cats and no space for 3 boxes, so I clean out the 2 very large boxes we have twice daily (morning and before bed). I'll say it for those who don't know: It's imperative that you _thoroughly_ wash your hands after doing anything with a used cat litter or a litterbox. (Washing hands thoroughly means using warm water and lathering with soap for 20-30 seconds. Rinsing hands under water and not using soap achieves nothing and you are spreading germs and disease. You hear that people who don't wash after using the bathroom, or just run your hands under the water quickly?)

You might want to buy a second litter box. It won't help you determine who the culprit is but it might eliminate the problem.

Leave one outside for a few hours (on a leash if you need to), and see if the other does the dirty deed. Next day, swap the cats over. Does it a couple of times, just in case they're both at it. (My mother-in-law used to have a cat that did its business just beside the tray - it was so fat that its backside hung over the edge when it squatted.)

Little-sods aren't they? Try looking them in the eye whilst placed next to the evidence: I think you'll know. L

Lemonie's got it - but probably only if it's a recent accident. If they are older cats (or one's you've had for a while) this could mean it is telling you it's unwell. Have you called your vet? If they're a really good vet they might have some tips for figuring it out rather than have to bring both in (which they'll charge you a bundle for).

My cats had a similiar problem, except one just peed everywhere. We were eventually able to catch the one cat that was doing it, and unfortunatley had to give her away. But try changing your brand of kitty litter or litter box more often

just keep watching them