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I have 2 computers that open in BIOS only, I cannot get them to boot up to windows can you help PLEASE? Answered

The first one is a IBM 300GL 6287 97U Everytime I try to turn it on it boots to Bios only and will not go to windows. I set new administration password and a new power on password but it still will not boot up. I am at a lost with it.

The second one is a Sony VIAO PCV-100 and it is doing the same thing. Does anyone out there have any idea on what I can do to fix them. I know they are both old machines but I would like to get them going and try to upgrade them when I get the money. The IBM was built in 1999 and I think the Sony was built around the same time.

Can someone please help???


In an older BIOS, the problem  hardware is sometimes highlighted , or maybe
has a check mark mark beside it.

If you have no floppy drive installed , there may be  a BIOS option
to disable it , or maybe removing the floppy drive entry from the
boot sequence will do the trick.

Don't be to afraid about making changes, there's usually an option
to restore or load  BIOS defaults and save them, so when you reboot,
the Bios is like when it came from the factory.

Also,you may want to get a new battery for the BIOS, because the pc is old.
The battery helps the BIOS retain its configuration settings in the event that there is a  power failure or the pc gets unplugged.

they tell me that I need a disk for them but do not have one.

Does anyone have one that they can spare, I need one for a Sony VAIO and a IBM both of which was made around 1999 and 2000. Can anyone help?

Thank you

I'm terribly sorry to say that you're not going to have any luck.

Computers as old as these will not handle more than XP, and that will no doubt require purchasing RAM (which will be difficult to find) and a hard drive (since, given the age of these computers and the fact that you are having this problem, your hard drive is probably toast).

Furthermore, finding proper drivers (software to tell the computer how to use the video and sound cards, &c.) will also be difficult to find.  Not to mention finding a version of Windows (since, without considerable upgrading, you can only safely use Windows 95).

I'm going to say that given the amount of time, money, and headache it will take to bring these back to life, I would consider buying another computer.  A cheap used one will still be in better shape than these.

OK I checked the Sony out and it has Windows 95 but will not boot up.
I checked out the BIOS and when I get the boot option I click on and it goes to black screen and says "  Insert Bootable Media in the Appropriate drive" so I guess all that other stuff that it says in the BIOS don't matter because I don't have a disk to put in it right.

Since I don't have a disk for it I guess the best thing to do is to use the case to upgrade it. Try to get everything to update it to todays standerds.
Theres just one thing though is that it has two AA numbers on the motherboard. How do I know which one to use to get the right board.

Thank you all for your help once again.

Ok I tryied all your suggestions and I reset the BIOS to their Default settings and still no love as MahavishnuMan put it. It still does the same thing.

How do I find out if it has Windowsw or not because I can't find anything about Windows. I have no disk to put in it for anything so if it does not have Windows how do I get it and then load it?

I changed the battery with no change. It looks like it has 2 internal HDD's but I don't know for sure. All this was on the IBM but I"M going to try your advice on the Sony VAIO now and I get back with you on that.

Thank you all for your help and I'LL be back as soon as I can from trying the SONY.

Thank you

.  Are you sure they have hard drives installed?
.  If HDDs are installed, do they have operating systems (Windows, Linux, &c) installed?
.  If HDDs and OSs are installed, check the BIOS boot device settings as others are explaining.

Only going to BIOS suggests that there is not a bootable drive in the start-up sequence. Do you have good drives in these that are set as boot devices?


I don't have any idea of what you are asking. How do I find out about the drives?

When your machine starts up it will follow a boot sequence, in which it searches for a bootable drive. For example it might be Floppy A;, Floppy B:, HDD C:, CD D:, if none of those boot it goes to BIOS. What drives are connected that have functional bootable data on them, and what is the BIOS boot equence? BIOS will tell you.


I think it says something about floppy disk but I don't have a disk to put in it. I can get in the bios real easy but I don't know about any boot sequence, if it said anything aqbout that I missed it.

sorry for the trouble but I am a novice trying to learn as much as I can.
I don't know what I should or shouldnt change in the bios because I do know that if I change the wrong thing it can shut the whole thing down.
Im trying

What drives do you have? Hard - C:, CD?
In BIOS look around for the boot sequence, the words "first/primary boot device" may be in there on that page.
Have you got a Windows CD / DVD that's genuine & works?


Even if you make a bad selection in BIOS, you can reset it by removing the CMOS battery (it looks like a giant watch battery on the motherboard) and/or shorting the jumper on the motherboard marked "Clear CMOS" or "Reset CMOS" for a few seconds.  This will drain the BIOS chip and force it to load factory default settings.

If you find the boot sequence and the hard drive is not included, select it as a bootable drive.  If you still find no love, you may have a corrupt boot sector on the hard drive or one of Window's files might be missing or corrupt.  If this is the case, there are only a few options available to you depending on what version of Windows you're running.  You may be better off reformatting and reinstalling the OS if you can afford to lose all the data on the drive.  If you have important data on the drive, you may be able to use the recovery console on Window's installation disc; this will attempt to repair essential files and restore bootability.

Download a copy of the Live CD linux distribution Knoppix. Knoppix will NOT do anything to your hard disk, but it'll bring up the hardware and help tell you what's wrong.

I tryied to download that live cd you told me about but It would not work. I don't think I did it right there was so much there I didnt know what was right and what was not.

I do thank all of you for your help though.