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I have 40 LEDs and have no idea what to do with them. Help? Answered

I just wnt to radioshack and I found a great deal on LEDs. 20 for 2.00 US$!!!
I got 2 packages of them they are in assorted colors (red, yellow, green, and amber) and sizes (5mm & 2.5mm). what do I do with them?



I found something to do with them. I am making modles of molucules such as metylbenzene and n-propanol thanks for the help though, -techturtle2

Make LED thowies. Fit them to your shoes. Fit them to an umbrella. Make a POV toy. Make a night light. Give them to someone else. Sell them on ebay. Make a Christmas decoration. Make a circuit to make them flash. Use your own imagination?

I would make my "Famous" switch throwies (switchies) but I am out of CR2032s AND money.

But I do like the sell them idea. I know lenty of people that would buy them for around 2-3 USD each.

Use them all to make a super bright psychedelic flashlight! =D

That is a good idea, but they are'nt very bright. probably why they where so cheep.

Build a positronic brain prosthetic for Halloween.

buy some resistors and light em up!