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I have 49 yellow cons what should i do? Answered

 I have 49 yellow cons i need a good sniper (im looking for good range)


 I wanted to but I couldn't follow the instructions =(

It's a real simple design, you just fail at following directions.

Try the AR-4 v3.

 Yep i reeeeaaallly suck at following directions i probably couldn't even build a really simple piistol from raelly good pics....

make a barrel out of it

cons, you mean connectors right?

oh. do you mean that isall the connectors you have?

Yah.. I only have like 65 in all

thats too bad. well, i dont know what to tell you

No im just saying yellow cons because i really limited on them... i have a ton of other cons

can you susbitute them, or like i said, use them to make the barrel.