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I have Google Wave invitations... Answered

...and not many friends who know what it is. I have 15 of them, so is there anybody left who wants one that doesn't have one? Just leave a comment with your e-mail address. If you don't want to post your e-mail, post a comment claiming it and then send me a message. I'll update the count as I send them out.

08 invites left.


Hello, Hope Im not too late. Please send me one. Is Google Wave going to be a mobile app also?

I remember giving away a ton of Gmail invites a few years ago. Getting in early allowed me to get the name i wanted with no numbers behind the letters. Those were the days.

Big Up All the Fortunate who are Generious to the Masses. Yes.


8 years ago

If you still have any left, could I have one please?

email =  jjanizek@gmail.com


8 years ago

what is a Google Wave invitations

 could i pinch one bro?

 sirus17@gmail.com thanks man =), if i get invites i'll post them here also =)

Just one question. Do you have to download google wave? I looked, and couldn't find if you have to or not. If not, I'll have one. If you don't have to download anything, I'll PM you my email.

You do need a gmail account. I don't want to give them I cellphone number. Thank you anyways. (And sorry for wasting one of your invitations)

Are you saying that because you haven't received it? They take a few days. And what does a cellphone number have to do with it?

No, I got the email but apparently now, you need to give them your cellphone number, (Or regular phone number, I don't remember) so they can call you or send you a message to activate your account. T

Let me make that more clear, you need a phone number to make a gmail account.

For me, it said it would need my cellphone number to send me a message to verify my account. I'll check again though.

 Can you send me one please???

Now delete your comment, it's not good to leave your e-mail on the internet.


Thanks, I was planning on it, but completely forgot.   That's what not sleeping for two days will do to you.

Now delete your comment, it's not good to leave your e-mail on the internet.


We should have one epic instructables story writing wave. :D Lithium_Rain and I started one, we should have a new one with lots of people writing bits :D

May I please have one? 

I would like one. Thanks! I sent you my email!