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I have a 1986 Honda Rebel 250 and the speedometer and odometer are not working? Answered

I recently got my bike and noticed that the speedometer and odometer are not working, where should i start to look for the problem?


Also check the gear on the front wheel. If the wheel has ever been removed for any reason in the past 25 years, (new tyres, bearings, etc.) then it may not have been put back together correctly.

Definitely. +1. Bound to be the cable.


7 years ago

The cable is often the problem. A kink or to sharp bend can cause it bind up and break inside. Also corrosion can cause it, water leaking into the cable from a nick in the outer coating. You may have to disconnect one end and see if you can turn the inside cable. If you turn it on one end and the other end does nothing then the internal cable is broken.