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I have a 32" Sylvania TV that the picture went all black. Does anyone know how to fix it? Answered

It is a 32" Sylvania and it started getting dark a while back and kept getting darker and darker to where it is all black screen now but the sound still works. Does anyone out there know how or what I can do to fix it on my own as I'm not able to take it in to get it fixed. I am hoping it is a part that I can just replace so it would be a great help if someone could help me. Thanks to all who can help. Model # 6432TD 2003 year Model If you need more info please ask. big and heavy old style. I think it has a tube but I'm not sure. It looks like an over sized monitor.



Thank you very much "lemonie" for that PDF. I have done many searches on this TV and I never found that. I don't know what I am doing wrong but I swear I do many searches before I ask on this site, and it seams that you guys can find right away what I spend hours trying to find doing all these google searches. But anyway thanks again and it is a big help. I cannot afford to replace it so I try to fix them as cheap as possible. Thanks to all

For what appears to be a CRT, the problem you describe sounds like a failure in the high voltage unit that drives the tube. The gradual fading isn't something I have a ready answer for, but something probably needs to be replaced that wasn't designed to be replaced.
Check capacitors, and for any obvious signs of damage. Be aware that the inside of the TV may contain hazardous voltage even while unplugged.

Search site for the word "CRT" - these may be of some use to you.


What type of tv is it? Plasma, lcd, cathode ray tube (big and heavy)? That really makes a difference in the answers you will get.

seems like your backlight/or backlight transformer went out take a flash light and shine it very close to the screen, if you can 'see' pictures moving/changing, then all you need to do is get another backlight or transformer