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I have a 3rd gen ipod touch and was building the Another Altoids Charger and its not working but will work with others. Answered

I build the charger and it will charge my 1st gen ipod touch and my 1st gen ipod nano but will not charge my 3rd gen ipod touch, what do i need to do to make it work with my ipod touch 3rd gen??? PLEASE HELP!



8 years ago

 check ladyadas site. ipdsa are finicky about power. specifically, the pull up / pull down resistors on the data lines.

after checking that, if it is still not working, reply.

 I just dont understand what parts i would need for a 3rd gen ipod touch. it works iwth just about anything i have except my 3rd gen. srry im really new to this.

 are you using a mintyboost kit? if not, can i see what you are working off of?

 I had and LED and a resistor but i was dropping to much voltage across those and i wouldnt get 5v out at the USB. So im left with just a 7805 +5v Rgulator, a 9v and a female usb. I hop e the photos help.

I thought the Minty Boost site mentioned problems charging 3rd Gen Ipod?  I would go to Minty Boost Forum and post your query- ton of answers can be gotten there.