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I have a 6 v 100ma solar panel.. when i try to run a toy motor of 3v it doesnt run... can any one help me?? Answered

solar toy  motor to work from 6v 100ma panel..


A lot of those toy motors are are of very poor quality and would struggle with the low current of the solar cell. If you have an old CD or DVD ROM drive, take the tray motor out of that and I'm sure it would run a lot better than the motor you have. Don't expect a lot of power from it though.


6 years ago

Have you tried it in direct sunlight? Did the solar panel and motor come in a kit together? If not then 100 ma may not be enough to get things going.

ya i have tried in direct sunlight.. is there any way to step up current from panel?

Not if you need the 6 volts there isn't. Can you check the panel gives what you say it does ? Connect a 60 Ohm resistor across it, and measure the volts

yes in direct sunlight .. then to we have to start the motor once... then it rotates constantly

The solar cell will only produce the full voltage and current in full, direct sunlight.

It is also very possible that your toy motor requires more than 100mA to run. If there's a code or serial number on the motor, try googling for it to find the specifications.