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I have a DP ON-OFF-ON switch mounted on my guitar. what can I make it control to make the guitar more unique? Answered

I have a DP on-off-on switch mounted to the front of the guiter and because the hole is drilled already there is no removing it.
it used to be an onboard distortion system
i always left it on and it ate up my batteries plus it was created when I had much less exeriance so therefore no longer works
what can I possibly do with it to make the guitar more unique?
id like this to be done sooner than later
***Update***-I have figured out what I can do with this switch but I just need my wireing scematics to be checked out and get the "OK"
refer to this link:


You could use it to reverse the phasing of one of the pickups to change the sound quality, as mentioned near the bottom of THIS page.

by reversing the phasing of the pickups im doing what to it? as far as sound goes
is it bad that it has an off position in the middle?
is this done with one pickup or two. I.E. will one humbucking pickup be able to acomplish this?

I'm no expert on pickups, but as I understand it, a humbucking pickup has 2 coils interwound on the same frame, with one coil reversed.  This will cncel out any mains hum picked up in the coil - common mode rejection.
Reversing one phase of a single pickup doesn't do anything to the hum.  Normally the e.g. neck and bridge pickups would be in phase and would roughly reinforce each other.  They would not be identical because of differences in the coils and the mode of vibration of the string at the pickup location.  If one was reversed, they would partially cancel out which would give a rougher edge t the final output. 
You could use the OFF position to turn off one of the pickups to change the quality of the sound in a different way - i.e. that pickup would not be adding to the total output.

well actually each pickup is wired to be in dividualy
it goes in order from bridge, bridge-middle, middle, middle-neck, neck
so each pickup contributes to the sound at an individual way
this picture shows the exact way my guitar is wired (not including the kill switch)

guitar wireing diagram.gif

So the 5 way switch selects different combinations of pickups, but doesn't change the phase of any.
If you want to use the additional switch to reverse the phase, break the connection to the switch for one of the pickups, connect the 2 switch-side wires to the centre terminals of the DPDT switch, then connect the pickup wires to one end pair of switch terminals.
Then link these two terminals to the switch terminals at the other end, but cross over the links.
This would give you in-phase in one switch position, and out-of-phase in the other. The centre position would be redundant - it disconnects the pickup and its function is duplicated by the 5 way switch.

thats exactly what I plan to do check out the updated link
I figured the switch thats there now will cut either coil A or coil Bor have them both on
and to do the phase reversal Ill simily have to put a DPDT switch in with the existing one
along with a third DPDT switch to switch from paralell to series
all off these would be connected to the humbucking pickup
check the new link I think its right but I want to be absolutly sure it will work before I put more switches on the guitar

it apears there are several differant way to wire a humbucking pickup
I beleave that EMG pickups have the same wireing to that of Dimarzio color coding wires I could be wrong so ill check but if that true it opens alot of options herre

You can make it turn something "on then off then something on then off".