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I have a Lionville medical cart with no key? Answered

Hi I have a Lionville med cart that I got at a yard sale, The model # is 624-D. I was wondering if anybody could tell me how to get it unlocked. It also has a push button combination on it I found the battery for it, I think, any suggestions would be appreciated.   Would like to use it for a rolling tool box. Has lots of drawers.



Instructables on the subject of "lock+pick+locks", here:


Ask around. Some of your friends, even the ones you are pretty sure are not criminals, or secret agents or whatever, they might know how to pick locks. Who knows? It's kind of like a hobby with some folks.

And of course, you can also follow Burf's suggestion. Drill a big enough hole in the keyway, and all the little pins, and springs, and everything will just fall out through the hole, and the lock will open. Of course this is inelegant, I mean compared to picking the lock like James Bond would do, but then you own the lock, so technically you can do whatever you want with it.

Call up the company that makes it and request an owners manual. There may be a simple default code that you can put in there to change the lock or a hidden button somewhere to mash.


4 years ago

I would just drill out the lock and, if I really needed to, replace it or add a hasp and use a padlock.