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I have a Sony rear projection TV model KP 57WS500 that needs to be converged, Please help Answered


If the auto feature won't fix it then you'll have to download a service manual.  I found several places where you could get it free just by registering.

YOu didn't say how far out of aligned your tv was.  If it's just a bit out of align you're probably ok.

If it's way out you may have a failing comvergence ic.  in that case you'll have to replace a board.

But if you have that big of a problem you would be better calling in a service man since there are about 50 different problems that could cause your symptoms and few of them are easy to diagnose unless you know exactly where to look.

The blue color is off about 5cm from the other colors, giving white text a blue halo.  I couldn't find a service manual for this particular model so could you please post the websites where you found yours.  Thanks