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I have a box built to burry underground that I don't want to get moldy. how do I underground-proof my box? Answered

I want to be able keep my box from getting wet and moldy any tips to help weather-proof my underground box



8 years ago

don't listen to these people the answer is DUCT TAPE

by far the best method is to waterproof the box. tradditionally this is done by lead coating or lining the box but there are better less toxic ways now.. PVC sheeting is good IF you can seal the joints. IF you have a big enough zip sealable bag that will work or use LOTS of ducik tape over the box and the PVC sheeting especially the joints and folds.

Also, be careful to keep dissimilar metals away from each other...any contact between iron and copper will eventually cause corrosion (in the case that this is a time capsule sort of thing)...same goes for ANY metals that aren't identical, including the box...they will rot in the presence of air or not, water or not. it's a direct chemical interaction between the metals.

Drop a package of dissicant into the box before you seal it up. Like those little packages that come in with electronics gear that is wrapped in plastic. Its there to absorb the moisture that is trapped when you pack. But try to get a bigger package. I got one that probably holds a pound of the stuff that I keep in my gun locker. I got it at a gunshop that caters to survivalists. You might be able to order it online from someone like "Cheaper Than Dirt".

in addition to the sound advise already given, you could go one step further and vacuum pack whatever is going in the box. Also, any residual moisture in the (box's) captured air will precipitate out when the temperature drops below the dew point causing corrosion in iron-based items. water and air, sealed in or not will cause problems in a long-term store.

Polyethelene sheet? (plastic bags) L

Tradfitional methods would be to use a soldered lead or copper box. I'd put a waterproof "umbrella" of something like polythene over the thing too.