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I have a bracelet with flat paracord, do they sell flat paracord or just take the white inner part out? Answered


they can take a hair iron and flatten it that way

Knife makers remove the inter strands of the cord to make it lay flat when wrapping a knife in paracord.
I did order some paracord from a company and it is almost flat. I don't do the wraps or bracelets we use it for camping and some brushcraft don't know if it was a bad run or what . I don't like it at all

Some paracord manufacturers do make the paracord without the inner strands, selling just the flattened hollow outer sheath.  R&W:  The Rope Warehouse carries some, called #650 paraline.  They're not set up to sell online, but if you call them((800) 260-8599) and tell them what you're looking for, they'll be glad to help.


8 years ago

Just cut the length you're going to need and remove the inner strands. Very easy to do. Then you have 5-7 strands of 50lb cord to make something else.

My daughter is looking at the bracelet.  She says the paracord is braided.  It looks like 550 paracord with the middle taken out.  Makes the bracelet flatter.  Didnt know if I could buy it with out the whilte interior or if I should just take it out. 

Thanks for your help

Ive never seen flat paracord ?? is your flat paracord just paracord weaved or braided

I've never seen flat and I've been using this stuff for quite a while.