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I have a broken overhead projector with no bulb, is there anything i can do with it? Answered

I was wondering if there was anything i could do with the glass and mirrors, or if i should try and get it fixed (I'm not quite sure how it's broken, maybe it just need a new bulb). Thanks in advance.


You could make a light communication system like I'm working on by using the lenses to focus on the light transmitted from the top of a mountain or something


7 years ago

my idea, if your gonna thrash it, pull out the lens, get a dozen more and make a stained glass art piece out of the len(s), if you don't know how to solder or pull the lead, I'll teach u via instructable, if your in the SF area, I'd bet instructable would allow a teaching party at the office,

I would curve the piece thru the x and y axis

you could make your curved form out of cardboard,


8 years ago

you could let your kids use it to burn ants and start fires,  or you could mount the lenses and mirrors in to a gun so you can shoot around corners or over walls,  If you build a submarine you could use it as a periscope.  Or you could put it on the end of a chain for "bling bling".

inexpensive bulbs can be found. if the bulbs keep blowing instantly,checck the voltage reducer : also cheap

Buy a bulb (they are very expensive though.) if that doesn't work, send it in to the company for repairs. look online for repair instructions and call for an RMA number.

The bulbs are really cheap, they are just Halogen globes. The bulbs that are really expensive are for data projectors (the ones that connect to a computer)

That's what I thought. I work in an auditorium, and my boss is always complaining on how all of the inexperienced people never turn off the projectors. He was the one who told me how expensive the bulbs are.

you can take off the arm mount it to a piece of plywood and project using a computer flat screen or find a small tv and project that to a wall

if it's broken beyond repair- think of an unusual and amusing way to smash it- film yourself doing that, and stick it on youtube. videos involving random destruction are quite popular

You could take the arm with a mirror in it off and use it as a tracing table.

The flat fresnel lens is a brilliant burner, as are the lenses in the actual "overhead" bit.

Bulb is the quickest easiest fix - and most likely. There are only a few parts that could fail - the power switch, the optional 2-bulb selector lever, and the power cord. Overhead projectors are worth a fair dollar - perhaps its worth selling if you just want the spare parts...you could get more value out of the money then pick up surplus parts for something you need!

Grab the lenses. There's a good little mirror in it too. I use mine to see behind things I'm working on. Yank the fan out too and wire it up to a plug for a desk fan. Recycle the rest.


9 years ago

if it's unfixable you can rip the Fresnel lens from it, its the sheet which is transparent ish, you can make a solar cooker with that...

If you do fix it, and have a spare LCD monitor laying around, you could make a projector for your TV/Computer. If you search for it, there's an instructable on making it.


9 years ago

It probably just has a broken bulb. I have a projector, I when I checked for replacements, they are around 20 dollars, depending on the size and brightness you want. Hope I helped!