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I have a buisiness were I get golf balls out of lakes and sell them around the golf course at $0.75 each improvements? Answered



9 years ago

Maybe makin package deals like 2 for 1 or 2 golf balls for $1.00. That might get people to buy balls. Also, pay attention to the brand of the ball. Sell better balss for more!!

How about playing up the area they were found in? ie: "These golf balls came from the same pond that Davy Crocket, once bathed in!" Or some less famous tidbit of info. Maybe sell ad space on the golf balls. Can you buy a printer for golf balls? Get something nice, in a bikini, to kiss each one right before the customer buys it.. You figure out the catch line on that one!!! :) I hope I gave you some possibilities.

What I was getting at ,was that there are golf balls with printings on them. Maybe you can find out, ( through, google, or something), how to add more printing or maybe adjust current printing on the golf balls. Creativity is essential here! But a golf ball printer would be a cool Instructable wouldn't it!!!

Im sure if you get some girls in bikinis your sales will SKYROCKET!

I have a big pile of fireworks. You want to make more money out of this? How about personallising them with Sharpies? L