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I have a ceder chest that i cut a hole in the side for my outside cats.how can i heat it for the winter??? Answered




Best Answer 8 years ago

I'd go for the blankets inside approach and add a flap of fabric over the door to block the breeze.  Cats and dogs both survive very well outside if they are dry, have something warm like hay or blankets to curl up in and can get out of the wind.

Be better all around if you just brought them in and made them inside cats.

If they would use the litter box i'd put in a doggy door.

I've never had a cat that once shown the litter box that they wouldn't use it.  I guess i've just been very lucky.

there used to be a plugin heater tape used for roofs to keep down ice dams that might be applicable, although I'm not sure where to get one these days...hardware stores? they used to be common. My older brother used to have one wound around on the floor of his cold-frame to reduce frost damage.

In the same vein as the electric blanket, there's also the electric heating pad or the reptile cage "Hot Rock" approach. Same basic idea, slightly different application.


8 years ago

you could try the electric blanket on a timer switch. But I think maybe if you just line the box with blankets it should be alright.

There is of course an 'ible on it. This guy used a string of rope lights !


I know someone who uses an electric blanket. I make no claims as to the safety or wisdom of such things.