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I have a chinese USB charger i got from my Chinese MP4 can i make it portable? Answered

I want to use it with Batteries instead of plugging it to a wall.



No, unless the chip in the TO-92 ("transistor") package happens to be a LM78L05 or similar voltage regulator. If it is, you can connect batteries directly to its input pin and the charger will work as usual. But beings how it claims to supply 200-300mA and the LM78L05 is rated for only 100mA, that sounds unlikely. You're better off rebuilding one from scratch. They're not very difficult.

You cold, but you would have to buy a lot of parts such as a transformer to step whatever voltage your batteries are up to a chinese outlet voltage. The easiest thing would be to buy a battery powered backup usb charger. Or, you could keep a laptop with you at all times :p. If you want a DIY-ish project that's probably cheaper, buy a cheap usb hub. They are usually 4.5 volts or so, and come with an outlet power block. Buy a 4 battery holder, chop the end off the power block, and solder the battery holder ends to the plug you cut off. Good luck!