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I have a computer and it keeps uploading something to the internet and I have no idea what it is uploading? Answered

I just set up a small network, and the computer that is connected to the internet that supplies the internet to the other computers keeps uploading something and I have no idea what it is uploading.

There is nothing running on the computer that should be accessing the internet so I am confused.

It's not causing any big problems to the network, except if I leave the computer connected to the internet, my internet  usage will slowly get used up.

If anyone has any ideas, it would be appreciated



8 years ago

.  It's worth checking out. As Re-design said, it might be benign but it could be some kind of malware, too.
.  Some firewalls (eg, ZoneAlarm) can tell you which app is contacting which IP.


8 years ago

Lots of programs automatically set to check for updates and download them.  Windows, virus, malware checkers etc.

Viruses and malware programs often upload stuff to the internet.  Scan for any of these.  Some viruses actually use your internet connection to spread their filth.