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I have a design for night vision IR goggles, should it work? Answered

I am wanting to make night vision goggles and plan on using infra red light to see. I plan on having el cheapo cellphon cameras or other camera mounted on the lense and having IR LEDs mounted on to to provide the light. I have a picture created in photoshop to show my idea. I did not include wiring, batteries, or switches in the picture.


Test you idea with a video camera with IR capability - I think you may be supprised how short the range of IR LEDS is.

I understand, do you know of any way I could make it work, like maby putting mirrors behind the lights like flash lights do?

Why not just use an LED flashlight and replace the LED's?

If you PWM the LEDs, you may be able to coax a little more light out of them. Even if they are the same brightness, they use less power, and so you will be able to put more on. However I do not know if the pulsing will have an effect on what the cameras 'see'.

Not true, brightness is brightness and is set by the current in the LED. You MIGHT be able to overdrive them slightly, but there is still a peak current rating for an LED.

It may, but there are several factors that need to be taken care of. 1 the LEDs must be powerful enough. 2 the screens need to be at least an inch away from your face, or else your eyes will become strained. that can lead to severe damage over time. 3 Where's the battery? 4 This will probably work indoors, but outdoors is uncertain. Hope this was helpful.

I can answer 2 and 3. 2: I have started to consider using an el cheepof vidio camera with one of those whatchamicallits (the thing with the eye peice you look through) and that would solve the problem because it is supposed to be next to your eye. 3: The battery will eather be mounted on the goggle strap or in a pocket.

How are you going to focus on the screens ?

Not sure yet, today I put my camera phone up to my I to see if it would work. If I have a higher resolution camera from the one I have now, it should work.

Don't know but I think I might only use one screen for only one eye, not 2 for both, maby the whatchamicallit off of a video camera.

You could do something like that with a welding mask but id imagine youd have to have more ir leds and id use a old mini vid camera with a Little screen as one of the eye bits because that way you can see ir light and not Just black!

thx, and I'm using a military set of goggles because I'm in a JROTC and I want it for our overnight trips. Once again, thx.

Junior reserve officer training corps Actualy we only have the equivelent of one, not quite a real one. Our cadre is an airborne ranger, rank captain. I'm a pfc.