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I have a digital camera with a rechargeable battery. Is there a way to convert to AA, C, D, etc? Answered

My sister is going into the rainforest for a few weeks. She would rather not buy a new camera. Solar-only charging devices seem like a bad idea when you don't know how much direct sunlight (if any) you will see. Is there a way to use her current camera (with a battery that charges off of a wall outlet) but get power from "disposable" batteries (AA, C, D, etc)? What would that be? How do I find it?


There's two approaches here. 1. You can find out what the camera's AC adapter delivers and create a power-pack that feeds into that. It may be as simple as a few batteries and a jack, or it may require some more engineering. If you have a USB charging cable, you can probably build something like a "Minty Boost." 2. You can find out what the camera's battery delivers and wire a new battery pack directly to that. This requires soldering directly to the camera, probably some cutting on the body, and a little more patience... but it can help get around issues such as the camera switching modes when being charged. Of course, she could always investigate a portable AC power pack. Our Walmart had one of these things for $22. It's a battery with a built-in inverter. Weighed about two pounds and carried enough juice to run a typical camera charger for 12 hours.

You really covered it ...all... Solar stuff still 'works' without direct sunlight but dont expect full capacity :D

It'd be great if we knew what make and model her camera was... if it happens to be a popular model, odds are someone has already done a battery pack, and if not we'd at least know the voltages involved.