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I have a electric heater that uses a dial, can I link it to a machine to turn it on/off depending on the temperature? Answered

The electric heater is not linked to a thermostat and has a dial (rotates between 120-150 degrees range) on it to control its intensity.
I am thinking perhaps to link it to a thermometer to control its intensity when it reaches some temperature thresholds and depending on the time of the day (preferably a schedule).
Pics available on request


In addition to making something yourself (e.g., adapting a 24V HVAC thermostat/controller) you can also purchase plug-in modules.  Plug the module into the wall, plug your space heater into the module, and leave the heater turned on to maximum.  The thermostat will cycle it on and off as needed.


has a breakdown on how to put a regular thermostat on a space heater (or any electric heater). It'd probably be the easiest route, leaving it on "full" with the thermostat a little away from the heater itself. For deeper homebrew there are other projects around for building thermostats out of microcontrollers or to hook to computers but unless you're just dying to build complex stuff an off the shelf digital thermostat (that supports scheduling if you needed that) is probably the way to go.

You could use a regular thermostat.  It runs on 24 volts usually and will not directly control 120 volts.  You will have to wire the thermostat to a relay that has a capacity for carrying the current and voltage that your heater uses. 

Then wire the power to your heater thru the relay switch.  THat's basically how a home heating system works.  It's important to locate your thermostat at the right place.  Usually about shoulder height in the room you want to control.

A relay that will control an electric is going to be expensive.  The transformer and thermostat will be $30 or so.

It might be much easier and cheaper to just buy another electric heater that has a better thermostat.

Good luck.