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I have a electrical component and have no Idea what it is or how to use it.....help please...? Answered

I recently acquired a large box of electrical items...when I was receiving them I was told what some of the items did. Unfortunately I did not have the common sense to write down the items and description. Could some one please help identify this items purpose and use in a circuit (a circuit diagram would be nice if you could provide).
The items are in small white boxes that say, "Army    U.S. Navy"
On the next line says, "Type JHS-1N23A"
The last says, "Sylvania"

Please help.


I remember using diodes 1n23 as GERMANIUM diodes for crystal radios i used to build. They took the place of old "cat-wisker" diodes in very old crystal radios. They are just very sensitive detector diodes used in the tuners of AM and FM radios before the age of integrated circuits.

The items look just like the items in this photo. http://www.amazon.com/American-Microsemiconductor-JHS-1N23A/dp/B001IRX3RG Thanks for your answers so far. Please continue your input

> "Army U.S. Navy"
.  Possibly MIL-STD.

> "Type JHS-1N23A"
.  1Nxxx are typically diodes. Google "1N23A"

> "Sylvania"
.  Large electrical/electronics manufacturer.

Mil-Std : Read very expensive, and paid for with YOUR tax-dollars....

"Sylvania" makes lighting components/bulbs/housings/etc.

If its what I think it is, its a microwave radar "X-band" mixing diode.