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I have a female cat with scabies. Does any one have a home cure for this? Answered

Scabies is a diease that causes her to scratch and lick herself all the time. It has created a bald patch around her neck where the fur has fallen out, and now the skin is red and raw looking, with scabby looking patches.


Check with yer vet  of course ,  But a washdown with a shampoo strongly laced with pure tea tree oil would likely help

Sure cats don't react badly to tea tree oil ? Has it been tested well on cats ? 

There are usually treatments that the vet can use that are NOT toxic to the cat.  All of the treatments in the pet store are toxic.

It doesn't sound like you've let it go too long but your cat need to be treated by the vet. before it turns into an infection.

sorry no. i hope my cat penny doesnt get that.........


8 years ago

No. You should take your cat to a vet. 
First, the vet needs to positively identify the type of mite that is causing the problem and secondly, most treatments must be done by a professional.  Some vets my prescribe an oral medication but others will require a special dip done several times over a series of weeks. Many cats will have to be tranquillized for the dipping process.
The cat will have to be monitored by a vet to insure there are no side effects because the pesticides needed kill the mites can also be toxic to felines.