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I have a few Instructables which aren't pulling the first image as the main image as expected. What is the fix? Answered

3 out of 9 of my Instructables aren't using the first image as the main image.  I've tried moving them around and then back to "refresh" the code, but that didn't.  I tried the "change cover image" option when I actually have the option to use the new editor (some of my Instructables don't give me the new editor option), but that hasn't worked either.  Any assistance is appreciated.


I never found an "after the fact" fix for this issue. It comes down to being very mindful of your cover image when publishing (and I use the old editor to publish ... while I use the new editor to actually edit). I might end up going back and redoing my first few instructables, but one was featured, so it isn't ideal.

For those following along, I did some testing today with a new step-by-step using the new editor. I uploaded all of my images in bulk, dragged and dropped them to create the steps, added text, and hit Publish before repositioning my desired "Main photo." Dang.

Tried to edit, which looked promising, but the change never really saved .. just taunted me. I tried to un-publish and edit, hoping that was a viable work around, which it wasn't. The only fix was to un-publish, create a new Instructable using the same content (copy/paste), and then delete the defective one.

Conclusion, one you Publish, you can't edit the main image at all. You can change text, which is good. I've even been able to move the order of some pictures around successfully, but that Main image is locked in time.

Did you use the new editor or the old editor?

First, second, and third are photo instructables done with the old editor. When I go to edit them, the desired picture is first in line, but not being pulled as the main. I also don’t get prompted to use the new editor, which might be by design.

Fourth is a step-by-stop instructable and was done with the new editor.

Note about the new editor: I’ve never been able to publish from it. I have to save, go back and open the draft, then publish using the old editor.

Windows 7 64 bit. IE 9 and Chrome

I think once I test IE 10 on my system and then a MAC, I'll submit it is a possible bug.

Oooh, new question! I think I might be onto something, at any point while writing your Instructable did you have the image that is showing up as the main image, in the intro step/main image spot? Like, did you upload a bunch of pictures to the intro step at one point?

First, second, and third were bulk uploaded photos with the intention of changing the main picture during editing. That's because I organize/name all my build photos chronologically (01 title, 02 title, 03 title, etc), which explains why these instructables have boring and vague main images.

The fourth was also a bulk upload, but in the new editor and step-by-step, so I was dragging and dropping to create the steps. I wanted to change the main image after the fact. Note, this did work in my first step-by-step, but not this one.

If you make a change give it a few days for those changes to take affect.

Changes should be relatively instant, showing up on the public lists within half an hour.

This would be best as a bug report in the forums.