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I have a frozen 1999 imac computer. Disk won't eject. Mouse works but no programs will work. How can I fix this? I Answered

I have a frozen Imac computer 1999. The disk won't eject. The mouse works. I was given this. I need help how to use it. Can't find an eject button. Help


ditch it or sell it for parts on ebay (take it apart just to see if you can fix it)

Thaw it out?
Does anything other than the mouse work?
How did it get into it's present state, what happens if you power it off then re-start?
(Yes some clever person thought having an eject-button on disk-drives was a silly idea...)



7 years ago

Most CD/DVD drives have a small diameter hole just under and to the side of the tray. Straighten a paper clip and insert the tip in to that hole and push it in. That should mechanically release and open the tray so you can remove the disk.