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I have a gamecube´s controller and I was wondering if i can use it on a pc by replacing the original cable to usb? Answered

Any advice will be more than appreciated



8 years ago

sure you just need to put the logic in it. This guy will install a chip in side it that will let you do that. http://spawnlinux.dyndns.org/Bliss-Box/ But no, as stated already, not unless you add the usb logic.

 If you can get an old, even a broken USB PC joystick (as long as the PC still can detect and connect to it), you could actually make it work, with some re-wiring.

 Unfortunately, the answer is no. The gamecube controller doesn't use the usb protocal like Xbox controllers do. The signals and voltages are quite different. Having said all that, if you are willing to spend a little, there are instructions on how to build a circuit that can convert gamecube signals to a pc. I'm to lazy to search right now, but there may even be something around instrucibles.