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I have a ge moogram advantium microwave ? Answered

The interior light bulb needs to be replaced - purchased 6-07. Repair wants $65 plus labor & part. Anyone know how to replace it. There are instructions for the Profile series but the Monogram has a different setup with a trim kit


Do you really need a microwave light?

Actually -- Yes for a variety of reassons but Yes none the less

open it and see the lamp setup maybe you cn ust replace the lamp (5 - 15 W lamp) if its a lamp glued into the socket (that cant be replaced) you can install small light socket and standard small lamp instead of what there is now

I can't tell anything about the lamp because I can't figure out how to get into it. The screen inside covering the bulb is not how. I need some inctructions as detailed as the ones on this website that show how to get at the bulb on the GE Profile. Thanks