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I have a great Idea for a movie but I don't know who to contact ? Answered

Hello every one I have an amazing idea for a movie... I don't know how can I contact a producer. This Idea could be a great 2 hour movie if I can get a great producer to contact me.. It will have History past present future action adventurer and fantasy. I have wrote down the move idea but if I do get a contact from someone I was hopping to make a little business out of the idea 3% of what the movie makes. And if I'm right the movie will be the best seller in all the movies ever made so far.... thenx


As a rule, movie ideas have no value. If you write a full script or screenplay then you can bring that to any production house to see if they are interested (getting paid is a matter of negotiation). The script for Rocky was written by a homeless guy who got someone to read it and they loved it (that homeless guy was Stallone by the way).

Since this is your first script it will probably be difficult to find someone to make it "the best seller in all the movies ever made" because noone is going to invest millions in making a movie and millions more in marketing of a totally unknown writer. You can have a good movie that does well though so don't get discouraged. If you want to build up a reputation start small and build up. There are plenty of small studios that would be more than willing to read your script.

Ideas are 10 a penny! You need to have a script then an agent I'd the easiest way to get to a film company or you can camp on Hollywood and vine!