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I have a hobby mig welder. How do I fix it ? Answered

I have a hobby mig welder it seems feed wire fine and the gas flow is good but when the arc is struck it sputters as if the power source is low. How do I fix it ?




9 years ago

What kind? I take it it is not inner-core shield...also, many use tons of power and makes normal outlet power max out a lot.

Usually your supposed to run at least 10 gauge with a 20amp or more breaker so that doesn't happen.  Also if you are using an extension cord, make sure it is also 10 gauge wire.  If you use a normal extension cord, even with 10 gauge in the wall, for some reason they tend to pop breakers or seem low on power.

I'm trying to remember what I was doing wrong when that happened to me. I think I was holding the tip too far away from the weld, and the wire would heat up and melt back to the tip, then extend out to the weld, re-arc, melt back to the tip...

. Check all your electrical connections, especially those between the power source and the tip.