I have a jar of honey that can't be eaten. Can I use the honey otherwise? Answered


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Glass broke inside the honey and I guess there will be bits of glass left inside. Any idea what can I do with the honey? Can I use it in some other way?



You can liquify the honey. This will cause the glass to sediment(settle) at the bottom. Use a hot water bath to liquify the honey and syphon the honey at the top. You can use it to make a facepack. Honey is good for the skin.


That's a great idea! I will consider doing that!

put a funnel in your pants. then look up, put a nickel on your chin and try to drop the nickel in the funnel. when somebody asks what you are doing, tell them its a game and they should try it. give them the funnel, and after they put it in thier pants and look up to put the nickel on thier chin, dump the honey into the funnel.

That's a good idea, but I suspect the honey will pour too slowly to succeed in getting very much of it into your victim's pants. That is to say, the moment you start pouring, he or she will likely notice something is wrong. So you want a liquid that flows quickly, like water. Or maybe a light oil. Or maybe oil mixed with water. A vinaigrette perhaps? Somewhere on the internet I discovered a recipe for a very tasty vinaigrette. Greek House Dressing it was called. It goes well on salads and sandwiches, and it even keeps without being refrigerated.  You could pour that down somebody's pants, but it would be wasteful, and also you would have to shake it up first.

maybe if you heated up the honey so it would be more fluid first, then the warmness would make them actually pee thier pants. so they would have sticky urine-filled pants.... LOL

Add water, let it ferment and distil the product for honey-based moonshine.
I'm not sure that it would be safe to drink or even legal where you are, but distilling leaves the glass behind.

To make mead, no. To distill mead into liquor, yes. I just made a batch of mead, and all it took was a glass jug. It would still have glass in it though, unless you filtered it very well.

Its called Mead. The results that is.

Glass is heavy. Melt it in a pan, decant off the glass into a clean jar.


You could also just give it back to the bees. If you pour some onto a plate and leave it outside they will find it and take it back to their hive.