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I have a long distance relationship with my boyfriend. What should I do to keep him excited in our relationship? Answered

He lives in another state than I do, and we wont be able to visit eachother because of school.



Invent a Hologram... or a teleporter... Hah, Just kidding... Maybe stay in contact with him over the phone or the internet... make future plans into getting together or finding schools near each other... And... I have to agree with lemonie... if it doesn't work out..then... well... it doesn't work out.

Yeah. I mean he really likes me. and i know he does. but sometimes i feel i don't give him enough "social space" because I'm always trying to text him or call him. it gets kind of annoying. its our 4 month anniversary on the 21st and i also can't decide what to get him! i mean its kinda hard with the whole long distance thing...

Yeah! I found out hes comming to see me over spring break. so thats good

I doubt anyone else will say this, but it isn't that likely to work. (sorry, experience) L