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I have a lot of cardboard just lying around. What should I do with it? Answered

Any suggestions will be appreciated, it could be more helpful if you linked an instructable to it though.  Thanks!


There is very little you cannot build with a large pile of cardboard - furniture, sculptures, armour...


thats the problem, there is so much i can do with cardboard, but i dont know which to do first

Then look at it this way... what do you want or need to make first?
(Something must top your list).


6 years ago

I have been running it through my shredder and tilling it into the garden. If you don't have a garden yourself you can bag it up and give it to someone who does. You might even be able to sell it for a few dollars a bag.

Imight actually use that idea...
ooh! I know! Same idea, but for hermit crab substrate, pet litter (baking soda gets rid of smells), etc.

The skys the limit! Here are some of my ideas for you (some are peoples Instructables I have seen):
-If you like Transformers, there are a number of Transformer costume Instructables (the best ones are of Soundwave and Optimus)
-Maze for small pets
-Indoor rabbit hutch (in a cage, my rabbit sleeps inside a box)
-Big boxes are like magnets for younger kids
-Play armor (also for younger kids)
-Extra backing for picture frames