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I have a metal, circular container with a clear plastic circle in the center of the lid. What I should do with it? Answered

I have a metal, circular container about 3.25in diameter (8.5cm) and 1.125in tall (2.8 cm). There is a clear plastic circle in the center of the lid, 1.75in diameter (4.5cm). I am wondering what I should do with it! I am thinking something electronic, possibly usb powered, or something. Please send me interesting ideas! Thank you! (sorry about blurry pictures; they looked fine as thumbnails in the camera!)


Make a cool LED kaleidescope out of it and enter it in the upcoming contest or look at all the Altoids tin instructables and use it for a see-through container for the electronics or whatever is inside. Good luck.

Maybe something more creative than the altoids idea. I don't want the clear part wasted! Besides, if I wanted to do those, I could just use an altoids tin. THank you anyway!

Other than a plasma containment system, maybe look up "infinity mirrors". You could adapt that with some reflective tint and a ladies makeup mirror.

Plasma containment system? Do tell me more ;) I already have a few infinity mirrors, but thank you anyway. (They have one that is the size of a business card, and about 1.5 mm thick! Has nice flashy leds.)