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I have a picture of a greenhouse....however I am unable to find the blueprint design for it, I don't know where to look. Answered


Turn off your ad-blocker on that site and you'll see more . . . junk.
(There must me a package for generating those spam sites - That one is such a clone so many more.)  All links lead to the place you have to pay for your 'free' plans.

However . . . doing a TinEye search on the picture, I came up with THIS which looks like it's pretty much what you want.  Nice greenhouse!

This is EXACTLY what I'm looking for! Thank you thank you! You are a pro for a reason! :) I had no idea TinEye existed.

You're awesome.

I'm sorry but I do not see the download here icon. The only download it offers is Ted's woodworking link which is a spam/hoax site. Could you post the direct download link?

Thank you for your time and effort. Means a lot.