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I have a problem with my bicycle.? Answered

I found a bike on the side of the road. I fixed it up patched the flats. But now the front wheel doesn't seem to work too good now. I put it on and now it clicks and wobbles. What happened? How can I fix it?
It is an older bike it doesnt have quick release.


 this happened to me.

the bearings were bad.

get a new rim.

why would getting a new rim fix the bearings? if the bearings are bad, fix or rpleace the bearings. unless by bearings you mean the wheel is out of true, in which case getting new rims is equally irrelevant. true the wheels in that case.


8 years ago

It could be as simple as an out-of-true wheel.  To fix this you'll need a spoke wrench, used to adjust the tension on the spokes.  By tightening some spokes and loosening others, you can slowly "true" the wheel so that the wobble is gone.  I'm sure you'll find a more in-depth tutorial on how to do this either on this site or in some of the links already posted.

The clicking may have to do with this wobble (and the wheel rubbing on something) or it may indeed be the bearings as FriendOfHumanity suggests.

The problem will be due to wear on any or all of these three parts;
The cones, the bearings or the cups.

The first two are replaceable and inexpensive.
If the cups are scored or pitted a new wheel will be necessary, (The cups are the shiny concave surfaces on the wheel that the bearings sit in.)

Most likely is the bearings; on cheap bikes they are held together in a metal cage which often corrodes and fails, producing the clicking sound you describe. If it has not been ridden too long in this state and has not caused cup damage, you may get away with just replacing these for about £1.50.

Information for assembly is available on any bike site but my favourite for all bicycle related material is; 

  ( I can't get the link button to work, you'll have to cut and paste.)

Best of luck,



8 years ago

Here are a bunch of nice video tutorials.  In your case, check out numbers 12, 13, 14 and 15