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I have a projector that only has rca in. How do I connect cable to it? Answered

 I have cable in my bedroom. I want to connect it to my torpedo projector. I was over at a friends house and pluged it into his small cable box thing in his basement. That worked. I dont have a direct tv adapter thing. I use comcast. i looked at a coxial to rca adapter. That would only let me view one channel. Would a digital converter box that has rca out work? If not what kind of box could I use that has the rca out. The comcast converter box has coxial out. could I just plug that adapter into that and then plug it into my projector? 


It's not too clear what you're asking, but you need a device which you can connect to the projector with RCA, and take an input from whatever. If you don't have one search the internet for "-to RCA converter"


A coaxial to rca adapter will only allow me to view 1 channel. I am wondering if I plug in and adapter to a digital converter box from comcast to my wall like the video says. Then plug in a coaxial cable to the other part like in the video. Then plug the other end of the second cable to the coaxial to rca adapter instead of the tv. Then plugging in the cable with the adapter into my projector. (http://digitalnow.comcast.com/) (watch the video in the top right corner


how about not spending 200 bucks

I dont really know. I actually found an old vhs player in my basement that took coaxial in and was able to output it through the rca. It worked as sort of a cable box. But then I had to add a digital converter a couple of weeks later. So my parents tv "broke" and I fixed it for them. But they never took it back into their bedroom. My dad got a lot more sleep and a better quality of sleep. So I put the tv in my bedroom. I think that a 30'" flat screen tv in my bedroom that also works as a computer monitor turned out great. especially because it is only like 4 feet away from my bed.

Neither of those links lead me to anything (could be that you've signed-up to both and I haven't?)
If the projector only takes RCA you'll have to feed it that. If you can feed what you want it'll show it, the issue is around what you do with the signal. If digital gives RCA out - try it and see?


 I thought about it last night and realized I wouldnt have sound. I am going to buy a digital converter that has rca out with sound .

i have a simalar qeustion here link

I didnt even know I asked this question. But I did resolve it. I found an old vhs player lying around my house that had coaxial in and out plus rca out. So i was able to use the vhs player as a kind of cable box. But my parents tv from their bedroom "broke" and I "fixed" it. So now I have a tv in my bedroom.

Yes, that sounds about right. You need a converter box to decode and selet channels