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I have a question about a anarobic digester construction. Answered

While working on a current project with a homemade anarobic digester i have come to a question.
When turning on the gas valve tosupply the burner with Methane thathas been collected what type of device shoudl i use to keep the fire from traveling up the gas line making a kind of bomb?

Or should i not be concerned with this happening? Second is there a way to store the methane under pressure ?

If i install a large metal container  such as a  55 gallon drum   above  the  digester   how  can i  compress the gas ?


.  Yes, you do need to be concerned. For a low-pressure system, such as yours, I'd go with a sintered metal flame arrestor. But I'm no expert.
.  You can pressurize methane with the proper pump and equipment, which includes something that will stand more pressure than a 55-gallon drum, but I strongly recommend against a DIYer attempting to do so. Stick with your low-pressure system.

thanks i had actually thought about a arrestor as a possible solution. The pump i can only imagine would be crazy expensive.

. A simple, inexpensive centrifugal pump will do the job ... as long as you don't have a seal leak.

As long as the tank only contains methane, the fire will not travel back up the pipe, because the fire cannot burn without oxygen.

this makes perfect sense . Never thought of it that way.