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I have a question about an attic exhaust fan hooked up to a thermostat. Can I connect an on off switch up as well? Answered

I have an attic exhaust fan hooked up to a thermostat.  Can I also wire it to a switch so I can turn it on and off when I want to in addition to having the thermostat turn it on when temperature reaches the set temp?


OK, here's a method, but you need a THREE position switch, with Centre OFF.

fan switcher.jpg

5 years ago

Find out what circuit breaker it is on. If there is nothing else on the breaker, which is sometimes the case, you can turn it on and off at your breaker box.

That could be a little bit tricky. Like Steveastrouk said you could put a switch in series but it will only work when the thermostat sends the signal to the fan. You could wire a parallel circuit in order to bypass the original setup but it could void your warranty.

Yes, put a switch in series with the thermostat. It will only let you turn the fan on when the thermostat wants to though