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I have a "petsafe" dog collar. It is not working well. Can I change the voltage? Answered

On the back side of the collar there is a knob that says something like "preset by the factory don't change".



5 years ago


The first thing to do is make sure that the collar is tight enough on the dog that the prongs are making good connection. The second, is the battery charged. Even if the battery is charged but LOW it wont send as strong of a shock to the dog.

If all of these are in place and you have the level as high as it will go and it still wont work your dog may just be able to take the shock and handle it. The petsafe collars to begin with don't have a very high voltage even on high like some other collars. The people I know are into the bird and coon field trials and their collars have power, but then again they cost anywhere from 400-900 for a collar.

Some of the people I know and the people in the trail circuits have placed the collars on the dogs belly and strapped it on as that area is more sensitive. Some people use this method with Bird Dogs that want to flush and bump birds and some of the coonhound people use it on extremely stubborn dogs that can take the hit when it's on their neck. This method usually will get through because as I've said before it's more sensitive.

I've had a setter that I've been fine only using the collar around his neck and on number one.

My coonhound on the other hand needs it all the way up and strapped to his underside. Put it on his neck and he wont even flinch.

Hope this helps.

It's set to a value which is tolerably safe and effective. Turning it up starts to get beyond spanking your dog and into kicking him or her. I Wouldn't. Some dogs just can't be allowed out off leash except in a fenced-in yard or run. (And some dogs are escape artists and will eventually dig their way under or through the fence.)

i hope you don't torture your do with it!

Some dogs don't respond well or at all to this kind of training. I had a deaf dalmation that I was trying to teach to not dig holes in a 2 acre yard. The usual methods weren't going to work so I tried the shocker collar. Even on high he just ignored it even though I could see that he could feel it. I didn't have the heart to keep using it and got rid of it. Never did get that dog to quit digging holes. I just bought a tractor with a landscape blade.

If you change the voltage (by changing the number of windings around a core, or lowering a resistor/capacitor combo), it wouldn't be very "petsafe", would it? ;-)