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I have a rusted outdoor firepit grill. Are there any rust removal products that are flame resistant? Answered

We use it to cook hotdogs, smores and such. I am just worried that something may catch fire while using it later. Most products that I have been reading about say not to spray anywhere near the inside. My pit is a bowl type with about a six inch lip on top. The whole bowl and top are rusted and I paid a lot of money for it and would rather not have to buy a new one if I can restore this one. Any ideas?


While both wire brush and and steel wool would work. I use "Naval Jelly" to clean really bad and pitted metal. This will dissolve the rust and leave a brushed metal look to your grill plate. If you want an exceptionally clean Grill I would also use "Scotch Bright" pads to finish it off and give it a nice finished look. Most every chain store / hardware store should carry both items. Remove the grid from the grill before applying Naval Jelly and rinse off with a hose.

Get a good hot fire in it and the rust will burn off after a few fires,thats the way I do old woodstoves before I polish them,what rust that dosnt pop off from the heat of the fire can easily be femoved with a wire brush.

If the bowl is removable, take it to a media-blaster and have them use a media like pulverized nutshells or something similar.  Gentle but effective.  Just remember to clean it and put a vegetable oil coating on after use.

Use a wire rotary brush on a drill to scuff off the most rust, then oil it with cooking oil and sprinkle heavily with salt. Grab a stainless-steel pot scrubber mesh (called a Chore Boy I think? in grocery store aisle) and scrub it until all the rust is gone. Rinse the salt and oil off very well with soapy water, and dry well in the sun. Then re-oil it, (NO SALT this time) and keep it lightly oiled with cooking oil and covered with a tarp to prevent rain on it. If it is really thin metal and really rusted, it may be 'rusted through' in places and not worth saving, because when you knock off the rust, you are taking a layer of 'converted' metal too, making it thinner.

I concur. Use a wire brush or similar to remove the bulk of the rust, then oil it. I like the salt tip. I've used that with iron pans before but never to derust a grill...