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I have a salvaged poker machine which a part that I cannot understand. Could someone help me understand it? Answered

All that can be said is it has in puts and out puts, lots of transistors, resistors, and microcontrollers. It requires the same plug needed to power a Floppy drive, it has 2 places for USB one that connects directly to the mother board and anothother that is standard USB.  it has written in small letters,
11/11/2004 REV .04
Could someone please tell me what this part is and what I can use it for? I dont have anymore information about it but I can take more pictures if needed


Can you pick a serial number off the board?


I cannot locate any serial number of any sort on this board, it just seems like it would have other promising uses because it is USB compatable

Nah, having USB ports doesn't make it that interesting. Perhaps it's the controller-unit for the physical bits of the machine? Maybe it's logging machine statistics?


the inputs are the buttons and outputs are the lights within the buttons so yes it controls the phisical bit of the machine, but what does this mean for me if I want to repupose it?

It's been built for the Poker machine, and that's about all it's good for.


and theres absolutly no way it can anything more?

Probably not, as the flexibility is in what looks like a basic PC in the second picture.


Oh, wel i suppose i could rip it arart for the componites. what about anything e;se on it such as the power source, motherboard, fans, cables, etc.?

If you can find a use, use them. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to give you any better ideas than you already have.


Do you have the rest of the poker machine? Is it an arcade machine or a casino gambling machine? Really I can't think of any other purpose for the guts other than their original purpose.

The reason I dont want to use it for its original purpose is because i can no longer get it to turn on (which may very well be the reason it was being thrown away to be gin with)

well it was an arcade machine. It had no coin slot, Bill insert, or anything else that had to do with money so I beleive it was just an arcade game.
the rest of the machine is not with me, It was noting but a wooden self that will most likely be converted into an instrument holder

ALL electronic systems can be broken down into one of 3 parts:

                  Input >>>>>>Processing >>>>>>>Output

Input section:
Deals with all of the inputs to the device, generally human inputs from switches buttons etc, Others sensors monitoring other parts of the machine, temperature, movement, security etc and often time input

Processing section:

This deals with the decision making, what has been pressed, what to do about it, what has happened now, send signals to the output section. These days this is often done with micro processors, logic circuits or in the past using relay logic.

Output section:

This part drives the output devices you can see or relate to. Often visual, displays, lights, sounds vibration.

Your board is one, (or all), of these parts, which one depends much on what it is connected to in the real world.

Actually there are two buttons that control the machine which are bothe plugged into the 'input' section. On the 'output' section are the wires leadng to the lights within the buttons themselves. I'm not sure what this means as far a computers go butwhat I imagine is it works something like this
Interaction>>>>Process>>>>light display>>>>Next Process
just as you have decribed previously

Its going to have a monstrous I/O section, probably the right hand board, which you MIGHT be able to repurpose. The image is too poor to identify the processor.