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I have a scrolling led license plate frame. What do i need to do in order to be able to hook it up to my pc via usb? Answered

 I'd like to be able to mod the sign so that i can hook it up to my pc and program messages into rather than using the painstakingly slow remote it came with. Thanks.


I also have one of those scrolling license plate frames that I would like to program in a more efficient method.
Which style do you have and have you installed it?

Possible much more effort than it's worth.

you would need to buy or manufacture a USB interface for the device - This may be difficult or impossible to match to the LED controller or the remote you don't know until you try. A circuit diagram would be a serious advantage.

You need to get or write a drive for the PC to suite the LED controller.

You need a suitable USB lead. (the easy bit)

In reality unless the manufacture provides these things it isn't going to happen for you.

HOWEVER if you are prepared to take the time you may be able to interface a microprocessor system such as the Arduaino or the Picaxe based system to the remote system - this could then simulate pressing the buttons so you only need to write a programme to press the in the order you need - Kind of Automate the manual process.

If you are interested in this route try www.picaxe.com they have a first class forum there who may be able to suggest solutions.