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I have a sewer camera(video inspection camera), the head is broken , I'd like to fix it, i believe its fiber optic ? Answered

Can anyone help with this?.....these camerras are manufactered by big companies such as RIDGID, GENERAL( Gen Eye) etc......this is my first post........helppppppppp........the camera head is approximately 8-10 inchs long and is extremely flexible. I'd like to know if i could have a universal head...the make is  SOUTH COAST SEWER EQUIPMENT....ps photos coming soon    :)


contact www.USABORESCOPES. com they fix most any type of bores cope or sewer cam


2 years ago

www.thecameracenterinc.com 24 hour turn around factory trained techs

I have a Southcoast equipment sewer camera. I took the head off the camera lens trying to find someone to repair it. Camera lens goes in and out. Please help. I live in New Jersey.


I have a RIDGID See Snake Camera reel and monitor, have accidentally sawed off the camera head at the cable about 500mm. Does does anyone know if this can be repaired? The light is still working but no image on the monitor

I can give you some general information because i work on repairing this kind of equipment --all day long for 2 years now. Mostly i work on ridgid and general and a couple other brands., but not the south coast brand. Most of them are similar in some ways. They do not use fiber optic cables. Just a stiff cable that has a fiberglass rod inside of it that provides the stiffness to the cable so it can be pushed into the sewer line. The camera heads become defective most often because of the rough environment they are used in (watery, and the severe pushing and slamming of the cable by the technician ). It is very unlikely that you will be able to get the spring and camera head off without causing more damage than you started with because of 2 reasons. First, because special tools are often needed and second because special training is needed. For example, some cameraheads are removed by twisting, some by pulling, some by removing hidden screws or clips. If you twist it but it requires pulling, you could cause a couple hundred dollars damage to the connector pins. Most companies sell the camera heads for HUNDREDS of dollars so you dont want to cause more damage than already exists.

The stiff inner-core is surrounded by several wires. some systems use 3 wires some use more. These wires are located inside the connector at the bottom of the spring. Repairing this part requires a lot of training and practice and someone showing you how to do it. Not for beginners to try. The voltages supplied to the heads varies greatly. Some cameraheads work on 8 to 15 volts DC. Some work on 12 to 24 DC. Some have separate wires for the lights and the 512 Hz transmitter. Some use the same wire for power to run the transmitter. If you want a SCHEMATIC of the system, most companies will not supply you with one because it is "proprietary" information. If you attach a NEW camerahead and have some of the wires wrong, you could blow the 800 dollar camera head.

The best advise i can give you is to send it back to the guys who built and sold it... especially if it has any warranty. Some companies warranty the cameraheads for a couple years. be prepared to spend several hundred dollars to have it fixed. The men who use these camera systems make a couple hundred dollars each time they "camera" a sewer line. Then they can make more by showing the customer why their yard needs to be dug up and the sewer-line repaired. So the few hundred it costs for professional repair is WELL WORTH the money you are loosing by having the camera system out of comission. Also, there is no "universal" camera head because of the varying voltages to power them and the varying spring attachment methods.

Framistan, have you seen one with 5 wires? At least the connector has 5 pins.

The Cable head has a connector underneath, and then at the base of the Spring it has more wires.

Since I've been making my own I noticed they end up breaking at the base. When I took the SSR one apart it was the same case. The camera had is metal and has three rows of screws. The base ones hold the spring on. Then you have the inner cable that screws onto the head. That connector has 5 pins.

thank you for the input.........you wouldnt happen to be in nj would u.....lol

JohnnyBoy, did you get your Pipe Camera fixed? I'm in NJ. I can make you one:

www.PipeCameras.info Currently make Pipe Inspection Cameras. Working on adding the 512 hz tracking or Transmitter Tracker at another frequency.

I've helped a few fix there cameras or make them new ones. Helping a guy right now with a Spartan and a WCT. Believe WCT is made by SSR Technology.

Easier to make one of mine and sell them that. They asked me to do two other things while I was there. Busy Busy Busy.

i took your advice and did call them.......im gonna give them a shot.......thank you

You should give them a call www.ssrtechnology.com
They have great prices plus they have a new Briefcase upgrade that is 10 lbs they can convert your Gen eye monitor into a potable one.

They're not USUALLY fibre optic, there is just a very small camera in there. How is it "broken" ?